ASCAP member
Proprietor, Time Check Recordings

My music:
I suppose those who insist on labeling music by type would call my songs contemporary folk. I prefer to think of them as eccentric, though they're definitely in the folk vein. The songs range in style from simple ballads to jazzy, uptempo blues. You can listen to samples of my music by returning to my home page and clicking on the CD covers.

My day job:
Community college English instructor. Part-time and underpaid, but it sure beats blue-collar work or chasing a corporate career.


What I do for fun:
Rockclimbing and mountaineering (though lately not much mountaineering). I've been doing this longer than most of my climbing partners have been alive. It's hard to say whether climbing or music is my main passion. My idea of a perfect day is a hard day of climbing at Joshua Tree (California) or Vedauwoo (Wyoming) followed by an evening of music around a campfire.

For more information or bookings, contact:
Chrys Mitchell
PO Box 9003
Cedar Rapids IA 52409
(319) 365-2996