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3rd Street Live, Cedar Rapids, IA--one of the best music venues in eastern Iowa, with a cavernous main room and the intimate GreenRoom upstairs.

Uncommon Ground, Chicago, IL--considered by many to be the best coffeehouse in Chicago.

Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA-- a two-level bar with nightly live music as well as comedy and poetry slams.

Sit'n Bull Pub, Maynard MA--spacious bar, spacious stage, and a nice deck off the back if you find the interior gets too smoky.

Beatnik Cafe, Joshua Tree, CA--a tiny coffeehouse in a tiny town, but it's a comfortable place to hang out and hear local musicians, and it's a great place to spend New Year's Eve.

Swallow Hill, Denver, Co--a great folk and acoustic music center. Concerts, café, music school, recording studio.

Music Stores and Services:

The Music Loft, Cedar Rapids, IA--my first choice among local music stores.

Bucks County Folk Music, New Britain, PA--a very cool music store with a great selection of banjos and an entertainng website. Check out the page of directions to the store, and read it all the way to the end.

Studio Point, Iowa City, IA--a well-equipped digital studio run by bass player, recording engineer, and medieval literature scholar Mircea Tomus.

Oasis CD Manufacturing, Sperryville, VA--a well respected duplication service with a good promotional package for qualifying projects.


Virtually Vertical--a site put together by my friend Matt Wendling. The Iowa and Wisconsin sections of the site contain many photos of me or by me. Click on the people link and scroll down to find my photographer credit, which contains my favorite description of me on the internet.

Coyote Corner, Joshua Tree, CA--mostly a gift shop, this store does have a limited selection of climbing gear and guidebooks, but its main importance to climbers (and anyone else camping in Joshua Tree National Park) is that this is the place to go for a shower.